Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clever little bugger

The kids and, now, I, have colds.  Zoltan has slept awfully the last 2 nights. Thus, I have also slept awfully. We're all close to our breaking point. Oh, yeah, and Terry's away this week.

Tonight I tuck the kids in. 45 minutes later I am in Zoltan's room for the dozenth time (or so). He tells me he wants me to kiss Blabla (his sleep lovey). As I do, I caution him that he better not call for me for anything else tonight unless it's serious - he hurts, he's too hot, needs water, had a bad dream, etc. Not to tell me he had a drink of water and isn't coughing. Not to tell me his feet aren't cold. Not to ask me to hug and kiss Blabla.

So the next thing he says?  "Now I want you to hug and kiss me again!"

Grrrrr. And, awwwww.

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