Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy birthday babies

My poor deprived daughter finally got a birthday party at the ripe old age of 4. And she had to share it with Zoltan :) They are still young enough not to care, although I am sure the day is soon approaching that they demand separate celebrations. Given how attached Zoltan is to one of Alex's friends, I may be more than happy to keep him from associating with the "older girls".

We have totally rearranged our dining room to be more of a "bouncy castle room" where we can sometimes have meals with more then 1 other guest. As expected, the kids were in heaven between the bouncy castle, all our toys, the new toys from today, and the cake.

I am totally investing in a real set of icing tips - working with a Ziplock just doesn't work for me anymore. Here's an interesting tip about cake: when you make it a couple of days in advance and put it in the fridge, am overly light and fluffy cake denses right up. I was a bit shocked when I cut it and then ate it (I did cupcakes too so I had done a taste test the night I baked them.)

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