Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost on the Register

On Friday I learned that my security and medical clearances were finally complete and my file sent to the final suitability review.

2 points about this:
1. I took the Oral Exam on June 13. That was more than 4 months ago, and State has allegedly sped up the process in the last few years.
2. Especially in light of #1 - I already have a Class 1 (anywhere in the world) medical clearance granted by State, and a Top Secret clearance also granted by State. And still it took 4 months to get here ... and technically I'm not even "here" yet.

Let's just say there's a bigger problem afoot than my personal problems if anything goes foul in this last step. Here's hoping for another FSO update in the next week. On the other hand, things finally starting to seem real and tangible might just be why I studied Russian over the weekend for the first time in about a month.

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