Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WOW Restaurant

I meet up with Terry in the main building and give him the news. At least we have somewhere for Zoltan to sleep and it only took FIVE requests to make it happen. There's a “kids restaurant” next to the main restaurant so I head in to check it out. Yep, a room with an animal border at chair rail height but not very child friendly setup. The waiter setting up the food tells me yes it's the children's room but it's not for children now, it's for the footballers (soccer players for you Americans). I ask if it's just tonight or every night. Every night, but there's children's things in the main restaurant. I check it out, and it's sort of true. BUT … no milk. They had hot milk for coffees and we put that in the sippy cup to let it cool in the room's fridge so we would have milk for the morning but it turns out Z doesn't like cooled hot milk. How is there no cold milk? We even asked a waiter for milk, noting that there must be cold milk in the kitchen to create the hot milk, but no dice. Our workaround has involved bringing both kids' sippy cups and an empty small water bottle to breakfast every morning and filling everything with cold milk before leaving, then running back to the room to get it all into our fridge before they warm up. It's viable, but why do we need to resort to this? The only reason there's even milk at breakfast is for the cereal.

Some things in the restaurant are impressive. A good quantity of fresh fruit, simple biscuits (no sweeter than what you get in Russia), they even have 2 types of baby cereal with a stick blender and cup right there. We tried blending the soups at night but so far Z has rejected every one. I think the soup phase has ended and he is now where Alex was at 1 year – eating dairy, fruit and bread and nothing else. When the only high chair we saw had neither tray nor straps the waiter brought us a different one almost immediately. There's also 2 child sized tables, one of which Alex commandeered the first morning.

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