Saturday, January 1, 2011

Adorable cafe

There's a cafe on Zhukoskovo near us that opened this summer and I have meant to go a million times. One day when I was having special time with Alex we went for lunch. I can't really comment on the food, it was fine but it was the basic fried ham-and-cheese in pastry type thing and a sweet treat so there's only so much room for error .... BUT ...

There's a bird cage with 2 colorful birds (parakeets maybe?), toys and stuffed animals on a high shelf for patron use, a ton of Ikea goodies for the kiddies (the plush dessert set, roll of paper and crayons, etc). It was set up for new year with decorated trees and snowflakes and winter scenes. The tables are well spaced for a stroller, there's booths and wide comfy chairs with wraparound arms that help kids not fall off. The kicker for me, Alex's milk came with a bendy straw cut to exactly the height of the glass. Little touches like this make me want to go back every week. If it's open this week it's on the agenda for a special treat with Alex on one of the days we've got babysitters coming for Zoltan.

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