Thursday, October 29, 2015

Back on the meds :-(

Haven't written in a while about Alex and dairy, because I thought we had everything figured out. I mean, the coughing is over (knock on wood) and what seemed like occasional heartburn was manageable with an occasional Tums. Last week she revealed that she has heartburn nearly every night (when she complains about it, it's almost always at bedtime) but she only complained to us when it was worse than just a little uncomfortable. After a conversation with our health practitioner, we started her on the bottle of Ranitidine we had gotten this summer in the USA "just in case." Less than a week in, she already says she feels much better.

We had thought butter was OK because it didn't trigger the coughing, but apparently it isn't OK. Our plan is for now, we keep butter and she takes meds. When we get back to the USA next year, where vegan margarine exists (because yes, margarine has dairy!!), we'll see about weaning her off. I am ever more grateful our next post is in Western Europe, where you can get soy yogurt and 3 kinds of non-dairy milk at the corner 7-11-type store.


Ida said...

Only three kinds of non-dairy-milk? Then that can't be Germany... To be fair, most of the really small supermarkets here only have ca. that number; usually: rice, soy, oat. The bigger ones offer maybe one or two kinds more: hazelnut and almond. The bigger difference I find is usually that the smaller supermarkets often only offer ones with added sugar; while the bigger supermarkets also offer those with added calcium. But then, at least that's what I heard, when I am talking about a bigger supermarket, that's still a small one from the US-perspective...
But, as a plus, in my experience you should find vegan margarine on a regular basis.

Lynne said...

:-) A 7-11 is a super tiny store in the USA, like a store attached to a gas (petrol) station that only carries milk, bread and eggs (and lots of junk food). I know in the bigger, or even medium grocery stores we will find everything we could possibly want, and are so excited for our big move. Are you guys still in Berlin?

Ida said...

Yes, we are still in Berlin. It's been one and a half years now since we moved here. It probably gets decided in January what happens next.
I actually have no idea what kinds of milk they sell in those 7-11-like shops here. We don't have a car (at least in Berlin, but in most other cities in Germany, too, you really don't need to have one if you don't hate public transport and cycling) so I even had difficulties thinking of the petrol station closest to us since we never go there. Anyway, in most areas the store at the petrol station is probably not the one that will be closest to your home.
I don't know what it's like in Kazhakstan, so I don't know what you're used to, but what might actually be annoying will be that - even in Berlin! - all shops are closed on Sundays. You can buy flowers and bread (and the petrol station stores and shops in railway stations will be open, too, of course), but all other shops are closed. Pharmacies also usually close very early on Saturday (around 1pm). I'm used to that, but even I find that very strange. At least, what has changed in the last ten years is that many supermarkets now don't close at 8pm. In Berlin some even stay open until midnight.